Bringing Wildlife Education to Schools and Libraries

The Educational Wildlife Foundation is currently involved in documenting and helping to preserve the Fox population on the Channel Islands. Here is a brief video of these wonderful animals.

The Educational Wildlife Foundation (EWF) was created to embrace the present opportunity to teach young school-age boys and girls about wildlife and wildlife conservation. EWF shows young people what species inhabit the earth, what would happen if they became extinct, how animals adapt to increasing human overpopulation, and the subsequent changes to their environment.

Today's young people have a thriving interest in their planet, as evidenced in part by the popularity of dinosaurs and their extinction. But children are equally interested in the concept of conservation, wildlife protection, and how they can contribute to maintaining a healthy earth for themselves and their grandchildren. The Foundation's goal is to help educate children about these issues through highly attractive videos, DVDs and written materials crafted for their level of understanding.

Please visit our pages to learn more about our organization, our mission, current projects we have in the works and how to donate to the foundation.

  • Wild burros weight up to 350 pounds and live up to 25 years!
  • There are wild horses that roam free on public lands!
  • Mormom crickets are not really crickets. They have small wings and cannot fly!
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